Durdhara (Princess of Far-Off Land, dur-dhara) Greek Princess Helena – Diodora – Wife of Chandragupta Maurya – Mother of Bindusara – 330 BC – 302 BC

Queen Durdhara was wife of Chandragupta Maurya. Due to lack of textual material regarding her historians have different perspective regarding her life. One view suggest that she was princess of a kingdom that was situated in North-Western India. Another view suggest that she was Macedonian and her real greek name was Diodora.

Reference in Jain Literature

As per the Jain literature Queen Durdhara was first wife of Chandragupta Maurya. The Jain text mention that Durdhara fell in love at first sight with Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta Maurya saved the princess from a prince who was having “corrupted intentions”. She also helped Chandragupta to establish tie with various small kingdom to collectively defeat Alexander’s Officers.

Reference in Indica

Megasthenes was sent to Pataliputra (Capital of Magadha) to record the details of Maurya Empire. He was the special envoy of king Seluceus. In the book Megasthenes mentioned a Macedonian princess called Diodora, which was the greek name of Durdhara. Some historians argue that Durdhara was actually not Indian, but the daughter of Selucus. After long battle Selucus decided to marry his daughter Diodora to king Chandragupta to establish peaceful ties with his empire.

Durdhara (Diodora) - Wife of Chandragupta Maurya - Mother of Bindusara - 340 BC - 320 BC

Durdhara – Diodora – or Helena – Wife of Chandragupta Maurya – Mother of Bindusara – 340 BC – 320 BC

This evidence becomes more prominent when it was discovered that Selucus, who was a Greek, married an Iranian girl Apama. So it could be a possibility that future Mauryan rulers shared Greek , Iranian and Indian blood.

Death of Queen Durdhara

Chanakya, who was the teacher of Chandragupta Maurya, use to feed him with a little bit of poison daily so that Chandragupta becomes immune of any poison attack. Once for the sake of affection Queen Durdhara (who was nine months pregnant at that time) also shared food with the king. Chandragupta was unaware that his food was poisoned. When Chanakya saw Queen eating poisoned food he immideately ripped Queen’s stomach and took out the new-born. Till that time poison had reached the head of baby forming a blue spot (Bindu) on his head. The Queen died at the spot.

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  1. SAntosh Ashapure says:

    sir, i have to suggest you that some information is wrong about Wife of King Chandragupt actually Chandragupts wife name is Durdhara and she is not a daughter of Salvkas she is the daughte of Mighty Price Dhananand

    • There is very little known about the queen Diodora (Durdhara), therefore nobody can be sure of who she was and whether she was a Greek or an Indian Princess but here is another piece of literature by Purushottam Lal Bhargava, “Chandragupta Maurya: a gem of Indian history”, which suggests about a princess named Diodora married to Chandragupta (possibly Durdhara)

      Read the book if you want to know more about her.

    • akash joshi says:

      can u please say me about source or any website giving detail info. about it.

    • Hardik Shah says:

      it’s right

    • I think u got the knowledge from serials .

    • Durdhara was wife of chandragupta maurya, who was daughter of his maternal uncle and his cousin…correct ur info dude!!

    • ankita rani says:

      Durdhara daughter of dhanand ,only & only wife of cgm indian history itself tells it helena is fictional and tv masala like robinhud and anarkali its shameless some indians defame cgm by joining with anyone for trp and reader rate read bahadrabahu kalpsutra contemporary of cgm

    • Susmita Jain says:

      I think, Durdhara was first wife of Chandragupta Maurya and daughter of Dhana Nanda, the last king of Magadh Empire.

  2. durdhar was the doughter of selucus and wife of chandragupta maurya

  3. Actually….. I believe that Durdhara was Daughter of Magadh King Dhananand……Dhananand Was Very Rude and a very big enemy of Chandragupt Maurya……..

    • i believe that durdhara means far off land. It must be a representation of Helena. A lady from Greece. Daughter of Seleucus

  4. where as i no durdhara was the wife of dananand nt selucas nd chandragupta also love her bt at that time wen durdara meet him he only fokesd on his task to got the kingdom of magadh

  5. Parpil Tagaas says:

    Yes,Durdhara was a daughter of Barbaric King Dhananand……

    • Are all the above responses regarding Durdhara being given on watching the Chandragupta Serial on NDTV channel. I suggest one should comment only when the person has checked from some AUTHENTIC HISTORY SOURCE.

      • Yes these serials are showing whatever they like and people belive these serials more than historians,thats really a bad day for true fans of history .

  6. dhordhara was the queen of chandra gupta maurya and daughter of Maghatpati Dhana Nand

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  7. are the above all answers from cgm serial? you need to refer some historical books.

  8. patel bhavik says:

    durdhara was wife of chandragupta maura and daughter of dhanananda. actualy durdhara and chandragupta was fell in love before big war of dhanananda and chandragupta maurya.

  9. actually i would like 2 know more abt durdhara…..bt how much i know i can say dat she wasn’t a greek

  10. Sunil Pathania says:

    I also agree with manyy viewer that Durdhara was the daughter of King Dhananand wife of Great King Chander Gupta Murya.

  11. According 2 Greek history the name of seleucus nicator’s daughter was Laodice and he offerd C.G.Maurya to married with her daughter.

    But Dhurdhara was a princes of magadha & daughter of dhananand.
    I thik u need some knwledge abt Indian history.
    Its not serial story by the way serials are also basis on history after deep research historical serials are made.

    • I also almost agree with Shaurya, Sunil, Bhavik etc that Durdhara was the daughter of Dhananand AND I also agree to the fact that “SERIALS ARE MADE AFTER DEEP RESEARCH OF HISTORY”


      All I want to know is,

      Does anyone really has any “Historical Proofs” to make such claims that Durdhara was the daughter of Dhananand and that she was not greek?

      • Chandragupt Maurya says:

        DNS test of Durdhara 🙂

        Hope we had a time machine which could take us back…n see hoe those days were..!! 🙂
        N after finding it out..we could help them with technologies ..he he 🙂

      • Sukrit Singh says:

        LOL dude and a big one. Then probably one can say that Jodha-Akbar aired on Zee TV also had research work behind it.But I didn’t see any ;).

    • Go and read Purshottam Lal Bhargawa’s fact and you might start trusting this article…

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      • I agree. The first episode I thought at last something great has hit TV that I can look forward to seeing every week. A quality cable show on regular TV. Whoever voted to have it canceled should be sent back to the mailroom.

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  12. Chandragupta says:

    Yes, my wife was the daughter of Dhana Nanda.

    • You have a re-birth again in India after 2300 years!! Great Chandragupta Maurya!! Then why are you keeping quite, fight and eliminate the rogue politicians and the enemies of the country. But who is your Chanakya?
      I think Great Shivaji had the Mauryan’s blood who were Chhatriyas and some of them migrated at a later date from Magadh ( Bihar) to Chittore ( Rajasthan) and then further migrated to Marathwada near Pune in Maharashtra.

  13. Yes dhurdhara was d nly daughter of dhananand and I would like to ask dat did she died in such an early age ?????

    • Chandragupt Maurya says:

      Not an early age….she was poisoned accidently…!! Chandu’s meal contained lilttle mercury which was given by chankya from his young age..!! n durdhara unknowingly had that food…@ this time she was 9months pregnant too…chankya coming to know this…ripped her stomach took out the baby…n durdhara died immediatly as poison had spread all over her body…it had even effected his child..leaving a mark on head like Bindu…n thus that child was named Bindusara..!!!

  14. Chandragupta Maurya killed Dhananand,if durdhara was his daughter than how can she married with chandragupta maurya………..

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  18. i am sry indica is not available right now so how you know a princess named diodara was married to cgm.i don’t think she was daughter of dhanu either.nothing is known about her.poor soul.but she could be selecus daughter as her name was durdhara or dugdhara meaning flow of milk so maybe but i still doubt she was selecus’s daughter.99% is that she was not.

  19. Duur Dhara means someone from far off.. That sounds like Durdhara and Greek Princess Helena were one and the same person. Can’t believe television all the time. There are text by historian Purushotam Lal.

  20. guys don’t comment seeing the serial chandragupta maurya.the only thing is know about durdhara that she was mother of bindusara.thats it other things are speculation,maybe she was dhana’s daughter,the marriage of selecus’s daughter has no reference in the history accept few greeks scholars mentioned that.there is no evidence of the marriage in hindu literature.

  21. Sir,

    According to the serial Chandragupta Maurya Durdhara was the daughter of Dhananada and she was an Indian.I want to know about his greek wife who was perhaps the daughter of Selucus. I want to know about durdhara love towards Chandragupta. Did Chandragupta really defeat the Selucus and Chandragupta was able to defeat the Alexander also.

  22. It better to go Chandigiri where chandragupt left the life and stayed for many years . Can we find proofs about this

  23. Ya its a mystery but this Durdhara’s ancestry is creating curiosity among Chandragupta Maurya viewers as the story seems to be diverting from literature. Anyhow whatever ancestory she may have she is lucky to share her life with the great emperor CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA.

  24. According to CGM serial the main cause for Alexander’s weakness and subsequent death is Chanakya and Chandragupta and so Selucus (close friend and wellwisher of Alexander) takes oath that He will never forgive Chandragupta and will take revenge on behalf of Alexander!!! so according to this Selucus cant marry his daughter to Chandragupta.

    • @ Anusha: I am not sure about what is happening in the serial. I would like to make two points very clear, to the best of my understanding….

      1) At the time when Alexander attacked Punjab, army of Porus retaliated VERY WELL and was able to scare most of the soldiers of Alexander. Just 300 War elephants devastated Alexander’s Army. As a result, Alexander’s men were very reluctant to fight EVEN BIGGER ARMY of Great NANDA KING (who was ruling that time, around 326 BC)
      Nanda army had more than 8000 War elephants!! Alexander died due to a conspiracy amongst his own men as Alexander was adamant to cross Ganges. Considering the power of Indian Ruler Dhananand it would have proved to be a suicide.
      Besides, Sandrodottus (Chandragupta) and Alexander had friendly terms initially around 323 BC as both wanted to remove Dhanananda off the Magadha Throne.

      Point 2) Later in 321 BC when Chandragupta became ruler he proceeded to attack the North Western India as they were being ruled by successor of Alexander, Selucus…

      Needless to say, Selucus was badly defeated. CGM’s Army was way to powerful!

      But the Greatness of CGM was not in defeating Selucus but sparing him and gifting him 500 War Elephant as diplomacy… Selucus in return married his daughter ‘Helen’ to CGM… Or May Be Diodora as u can say it…

      Hope it clears out some doubts, cheers.

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  25. if durdhara was dhana’s daughter than she was a shudra,so how chanakya could make a shudra’s son an emperor so maybe she was not dhana’s daughter but she was definitely not selecus’s daughter,she can’t be because acc to historical dates chandu left palace after 8 years of marrying helen.

  26. Shraddha Srivastava says:

    guys, i’ve researched a lot on cgm and also gone through the show, which only makes me conclude that durdhara was the daughter of Dhananand(undoubtedly) and was wife of cgm too(being his first love). As per as Helen is concernt, she was the daughter of seleucus and married cgm just acc to a treaty signed between him and his father and all this was as per Chankya’s wish.
    Chandragupta’s name is also attached with chitra, kalyani and karibinga, but frnds this is history and u cannot b actually sure abt any fact in it….

  27. i feel durdhara was selucus’s daughter as in megasthenes it is mentioned that a macedonian princess named doidora married chandragupta which is the greek name of durdhara and i don’t believe this all serials they can show anything and add masala to everything to gain trp.

  28. durdhara kon hain i don’t know but the main thing is that zadatar log selucus ki beti ko hi cgm ka wife manta hain even mujhe bhi yehi pata tha kuch din pehle.durdhara have no importance in history but selucus ki daughter ko real respect mila cgm ka wife kehlane ka.

  29. confused becoz durdhara is a daughter of nanda or selicus daughter.in serials saw dhurdhara is a daughter of nanda.

  30. durdhara and helen both are wives of chandragupta mourjya . durdhara was the first wife . candragupta married her just after defeating dhana nanda .helen was the next . she got married after defeat of greeks in the hand of chandragupta or after the truce between chandragupta and selukas .

    • Chris, as always, thanks for the kind words my man. No, never gave any thought to young adult stories. Not sure what I have in common with today’s &#ee80;tw22ner” crowd. Just enjoy sharing my experiences. As for GI Joe, they bastardized that once iconic tv show. Just one mans opinion. I’m also waiting for the new Happy Days tv show where the Fonz is a recovered meth head, Richie is gay & “Mrs. C” acts like a desperate housewife.

  31. All viewers of Chandra Gupta Maurya get ready for Chanakya’s make over as Kautilya wonderful story and direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Durdhara could NOT have been the daughter of Seleukus as Seleukus and Chandragupt met in 302 B.C -18yrs after Bindusar was born when Sleukus gave his daughter. There is also no confirmation that she married Chandragupt or his son Bindusar. I would think Bidusar as he was 18 and his father Chandragupt was 38 yrs old at that tim and he had renounced his kingdom and died at 42.

  33. Durdhara was the daughter of Selucas and Dhananand, fnd 20-20 matches started during the time of Durdhara’s birth.

  34. durdhara was daughter of dhana nand

  35. Shashikanta swain says:

    Durdhara was the daughter of Dhananda.I think that there was no link between Dududhra and Selucas.

  36. Yes Durdhara was the wife of Chandragupta

  37. bhanupriya khangarot says:

    if dudhara was chandraguptas wife n dauther of selucs than who was helen????

  38. Durdhara was an Indian, greek is very old competent of India these people copy every idea from Indians whether it be mathematics and many things chandragupta maurya was a great king he was very powerful they just want to show that their blood is great and they are great warrior just because chandragupt maurya defeat alexander in the battle they want to join their blood making story and let future generation think they are great and if chandragupt maurya married seleucus’s daughter, durdhara has nothing to do with it she was daughter of dhananand, history books are written by recent people with their brainless research and theory these are also people who support the belief about aliens and there are many evidence lost so better not assume everything written in books when I was in school in my civics book it was written that india never had worst president but truth was something else india did have pratibha patil as worst president THEY STILL FAKE IN BOOK ABOUT KASHMIR IN OUR INDIA MAP,KASHMIR NOT PART OF INDIA BUT THEY STILL FAKE

  39. It comes on colors channel from mom to fri at 9 pm. Its an amzing serial. Must watch…

  40. were chandragupta and helena lovers? And i think chanakya wanted to kill dudhara because he was a very clever man he knows that once they both will eat food together so he didnt tell to anybody about poisons he wanted to kill her becuse they both were fell in deep love i think im correct i got this theory from chandragupta maurya’s serial

  41. Visit http://indiaopines.com/chandra-gupta-maurya-greek-princess-helen-love-story/ helen was chandra gupta maurya’s 2nd wife daughter of Seluceus and was a Macedonian princess durdhara was the 1st wife of Chandra gupta and mother of bindusara but some say that she adopted bindusara after her marriage with chandra gupta

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  42. some are FACTS&some are FACTLESS.The Real FACT is DURDHARA is cent%daughter of DHANANAND who is from non KSHTRIYAS so then she was not in the lime light till today because a daughter of a shudra king who suppourted the jains.Even suhasini CGMs first love also was not in consideration coz she seeked buddhism rejecting CGMs marriage proposal affer she became widow of cruel Dhananda great grand son of MahaPADMANANDA who was a barber.

  43. Durdhara could just be Helena’s name given to her by the Mauryas. Durdhara means ‘far off land’ in Sanskrit, therefore her name meant somebody who is from ‘far of land’. Diodara can therefore then have been the Greek version of Helena’s Indian name ‘Durdhara’.

  44. durdhara was first love and wife of cgm

    • I like Lester. All it takes is one bad season and people downgrade like crazy. He#;7218&s certainly worth taking a chance on as an ace if one waits on SP in a draft.

  45. I don’t know before bcs in my country never hearing that history, I saw Ashoka with Helena is no good character but I saw some of reference Helena is true love story CGM,
    May I know which the real reference?, because CGM is big Story and big history so must be have really reference.
    Please share to me.

  46. Read Dhruvswamini you will get the answer

  47. u all watch chandranandini

    • Yup @preet..I do…
      I don’t know ,what is this…but still I ‘d like to say thank u to all n especially tonour writer..thank u sir….
      But,guys,Helena was the real love of our chandu…
      Well,no issues… About dhordhara..
      As in CAS…dur was not seen…but chanakya committeed that,he killed the Queen.. Because of poison case….
      N acc.to my knowledge, she was not Greek..
      An Indian,because it could b seen….Helena was present there..
      N my second point is that…”was bindusara,helena”‘s son?”..if yes..then who was Justin???
      N bindusa had a blue dot on his head… Due to that incident…..
      So,no death of Helena….
      Well,thanks for all the above discussion..

    • That’s not even 10 miuntes well spent!

  48. Refer Vanshawali group on face book

  49. guys u ppl not watching chandra nandini …… ekta kapoor showing different epic story………

  50. This is completely wrong..
    Durdhara was neither a princess nor she was the Daughter of Seleucus or Dhanananda..
    Instead, she was Chandragupt Maurya’s first cousin and daughter of his elder maternal uncle..
    Whereas Seleucus’s daughter was Helena (she is referred as Diodara or Dudhara but that is a myth)
    and Nandini was eldest of three daughters of Mahananda..
    Chandragupt Maurya is referred as Sandrocottusin Greek History where as Nandini and Durdhara are referred as Niadrus and Diodara, respectively.
    So, Nandini, Helena and Durdhara are three different personalities but no evidences of the existence of Devi Helena and Durdhara as a same person is seen..

  51. INTENTION behind Historical Serials on Indian Television is to SPOIL TRUE HISTORY.

  52. Helena first wife dudhara second wife and nandani third wife of chandragupt maurya. Helena daughter of niketur durdhara friend of chandragupt and nandani daughter of nand or maha padmanand king of maghada who took the kingdom from chandragupt’s father by force when chandragupt was not born.

  53. Mahalakshmi says:

    I agree to this quite a lot. Durdhara is not a name,in fact,it is just a mere representation for someone from duur dhara (meaning far off land in pali and sanskrit). Helena could possibly be Durdhara (as pronounced by Indian mauryas). Historically Chandragupta Maurya only has one wife, daughter of Selucus. Don’t believe what TV shows u, they r meant to twist history according to their own.

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