Did God Create the Universe? – A Natural Balance of Positive Energy and Negative Energy

One of the most important questions regarding our existence is – ‘Where we all came from?’

Religion claims that there is a ‘Creator’ or God who made all of us. Science presents many scientific theories regarding the origin of the universe. World’s most renowned British Physicist Stephen Hawking recently made a documentary ‘Did God Create the Universe?’ This was telecasted on Discovery Channel.

I took few notes of this documentary and wrote this article.

Did God Create the Universe...

Solar eclipse is an astronomical event that has attracted attention of both theologians and scientist. When Eclipse occurred Vikings used to think that a wolf is going towards heaven. Vikings use to shout so that wolf may run away. It clearly indicates that Vikings misinterpreted what actually the solar eclipse is…

In contrast, Greek Scientist, Aristarchus who was contemporary to Vikings came to very different conclusion that eclipse is governed by natural process and Moon blocking the Sunlight.

Stephen Hawking believe that humans must become rational like the Aristarchus.

Stephen Hawking then points out the entities that created the universe. The entities were Matter, Energy and Space. Albert Einstein believed that matter and energy are two different side of a same coin so there were only two important entities to form the Universe- Energy and Space.

Hawking believe that ‘You can’t get something for nothing’. The idea that universe came out from nothing can be explained by Quantum laws of Physics. Positive energy must be balanced by Negative energy. As an example, Proton can pop out of nothing (vacuum). It is possible because they pop out with equal number of Anti Proton.

Stephen Hawking further explain his concept by using Hill and Hole example. We can make a hill from a plain by digging a hole of same size. We can increase the size of hill till we increase the size of hole. Space is a vast plain. We can make hill of positive energy from it by making hole of negative energy. Universe is not all about positive energy which we observe but there is huge amount of negative energy present in space. The balance of this positive and negative energy makes it an absolute zero. Stephen Hawking’s conclude ‘If the universe adds up to nothing, then you don’t need a god to create it.’

The Quantum laws work on probabilities and have supersymmetry. The Big Bang was a result of Quantum fluctuation that released matter and anti matter at the same time. Like a proton can pop out of nothing similarly universe was also be created by chance from a “Quantam Void”. Before Big Bang there was no TIME as a result God can’t create universe as TIME also started after big bang.

In his last segment of speech Stephen Hawking mention that there is no God, no Heaven and no Afterlife. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate. Big Bang was not a miracle and it occurred due to various scientific reasons.

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