Dalton Tradition – The Last Paleo Indians 8500 BC – 7900 BC

The Dalton tradition started building up around 8500BC. There are many theories regarding it’s beginning , many archeologists agree that the culture evolved from it’s predecessor Folsom Culture. The Dalton period is especially significant as these people were the last Paleo Indians  in American. After about 7900 BC these people were replaced by Archaic people and Plano Culture.

Dalton Tradition Weopon - A Dalton Point Weopon

Dalton Tradition Weopon – A Dalton Point Weopon

These people were mostly hunters and gathers who were primarily known for the stone weapon tools . The most famous among them is Dalton Point.  The Dalton point was  thrown using a spear thrower and was mainly used to kill big wild animals. It is estimated that till this time most of the Mammoth population was wiped out from America so these people hunted the wild bison. The wild bison is now extinct and one of the major reason regarding it’s extinction was over hunting done by Paleo Indians and Early Archaic people.

Bison Hunting - Practiced by Dalton Tradition Archaic People

Bison Hunting – Practiced by Dalton Tradition Archaic People

These people had no permanent base. These people made seasonal camps with middens. Some sign of their settlement is found like a cemetery that was found in Sloan Arkansas. Apart from cementry these people also build killing site or butchery sites where they used to kill Bisons with some of their tools like Knives, Chopper, Hammerstones, Dalton Points etc.

The Dalton People were also known for their artifacts which were having hollow base and certain “Ear” like outgrowing. These artificats or tools were used as Saws, Knives or Points.  The modification was done by changing the sharpness of the tool. Thus turning Knives into Chisel or scrapers. Dalton point also modified into Hardaway point of North Carolina and some other points were used by early Archaic Communities.

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