Corruption in India and Lokpal Bill

Corruption in India has notably increased and every Indian is facing its negative impacts. The worst part is, very little is being done in order to deal with the growing corruption.

Passing of the Lokpal Bill in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is one instrumental step to initiate battle against corruption.

History of Lokpal Bill

Lokpal Bill was introduced by Shanti Bhushan in 1968. But before the bill could be passed by the Rajya Sabha, the Lok Sabha dissolved. Again, this bill was introduced in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 and in 2008 but was not passed due to one or the other reason every time.

Corruption in India and Lokpal Bill

What is a Lokpal Bill?

It states that there will be a central body which will work independent of government unlike CBI.  And there will be Lokayukta in the states, who will look after the working in their respective states. Any person can come and complain about any government officer or any politician or any other person who allegedly asks for a bribe. An immediate action will be taken against the corrupt officer by setting an enquiry upon him.

The unique attribute of this body will be that it will not be under the pressure of any politicians and other high ranking officers and the decision given by them will be unbiased.  So, the action will be taken against anyone who is corrupt.

After the completion of the enquiry done by the Lokpal, the case will be forwarded to the court and the proceedings will take place.

Anna Hazare has taken a step forward to get this Bill passed by going on a hunger strike. Hopefully, the government takes this matter seriously and get the Bill passed for the welfare of people. Whole country has gathered to support Anna Hazare and in a unified voice, demanding their right to live in a corruption free country by getting the bill passed.

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