Child Labor in India – Is there an end to this?

‘Child Labour’ basically refers to the working of the small children who are below 14 years of age. This practice is considered unlawful in many countries. In spite of the various laws passed against this practice, it is still prevalent on a large scale in India.

Children below 14 years are made to earn livelihood for their family. Child labour can be of many forms, it can be a child working in an industry as a labour or as a peon in an office or as a sweeper in house or a roadside beggar. These children are made to work at an age at which they must go to school and gain knowledge for their own personality development.

Innocence Lost

Even though various steps have been taken by the government to provide good conditions to needy people and to provide free education, child labour, still, is far from getting over. One of the reason for this is poverty, the other reasons include lack of seriousness on the part of administration of schools in rural areas. Moreover parents send their children to school just to have free food and clothing.

'Chotu' - The Symbol of Child Labour in India

Another bigger problem is hiring of under-aged children in urban households and industries. In order to curb child labour and exploitation of small children two steps can be taken:

  1. Taking primary education seriously, rather than just viewing it as a source of free food and clothing.
  2. Stop hiring under-aged employees in urban firms.

The duty of the educated group who hire these children as workers is to make them understand the virtues of education. When every person will start thinking rationally and will understand the importance of education this practice will itself come to an end.


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