Chihuahua Tradition – Middle Archaic Period – 6000 BC – 3000 BC

Chihuahua Tradition is significant because it marked the most prominent era of Archaic People in America. It is believed that this tradition developed in Middle Archaic Period between 6000 BC to 3000 BC and some other data revealed that this culture was flourishing till 250 AD. This culture developed around the present day Southern Rio Grande valley in South Central New Mexico. There are only few archeological digging took place regarding the culture so our knowledge about these people is still limited. Nevertheless there are few archeologists and historians like Irwin Williams, Fagan and Cordell who have done exhaustive study of this culture and enhanced our knowledge regarding the lifestyle of these people.

Chihuahua Tradition – Middle Archaic Period

It is believed that this culture was created because of some Native Americans who had no particular aim to settle down in this region but because of certain topographic limitation they could not move further thus forcing them to live in this region. These people with the passage of time started evolving their tools lifestyle weapons etc in this region. They well adapted with their climatic and natural surroundings. They used to hunt animals and eat together in groups.


The Chihuahua tradition is mostly known through its ‘Projectile Points‘ which were found while excavation in the Rio Grande Valley. The archeological sites related with these people are found throughout the South West US from Nevada to Texas. These people are also known for milling stones and dwelling machines which were found throughout that region.

Projectile Point

Other data regarding their culture is found from Las Cruces, New Mexico. There are many open sites and rock shelter which have revealed a lot of details about this civilization.


The main diet of Chihuahua people was wild plant found in that region. These people were very good hunters and they used to hunt desert fauna especially wild rabbit. The agriculture was introduced in this region around 3200 BC. The main crop which they used to grow was maize. These people used to live in small bands. The bands collected during the summer season to hunt. During winters all these groups dispersed in different regions preferring low latitude.

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