Charumitra – First Queen of Bindusara – Mother of Susima Maurya – 319 BC – 269 BC

Charumitra – Introduction

Queen Charumitra was the Chief Queen and the Empress of the Magadha kingdom. Charumitra was born around 319 BC. She was the first wife king Bindusara Maurya. Susima was the Royal Prince and was the son of Queen Charumitra and Bindusara. Susima was the eldest of all the sons of Bindusara and was the legal heir to the Mauryan Throne.

Charumitra – Promoted Susima as the next King

The prime goal of Queen Charumitra was to make her son Susima next king of Mauryan Kingdom. She tried to trick Bindusara against Ashoka several times, to make her son, Susima, king of Mauryan Kingdom. Chanakya minister of Chandragupta Maurya along Radhagupta with the support of other ministers shielded the throne of Magadha from adversaries of the empire and made Ashoka the king, for he was fit for the throne in every regard.

Charumitra – First Queen yet deprived of love

Although Queen Charumitra was the empress and the chief queen of the kingdom, she was always deprived of Bindusara love and affection.

Queen Charumitra - Wife of King Bindusara - Mother of Susima Maurya - 319 BC - 269 BC

Charumitra – Wife of King Bindusara – Mother of Susima Maurya – 319 BC – 269 BC

Charumitra – Couldn’t accomplish her dream to see Susima as the next prince

Queen was an affectionate mother, powerful queen and a ruthless empress. She was a master in casting the black enchantment. She used her specialization in black spells against Ashoka and other prince several times that were competing for the throne to make Susima, Magadha king. However, she failed in all her attempts and Ashoka became the ruler of the Mauryan Empire.

Queen Charumitra along with Susima plotted to kill Ashoka by sending him to Taxila to suppress the uprising, which was tactfully dealt by Ashoka without waging a war. This plot against Ashoka was revealed by Chanakya to Bindusara when the battle for the Magadha throne intensified. When the King came to about Susima’s cruel actions against his sibling, he felt ashamed and asked the royal prince to apologize to Ashoka. The incident has drawn the king much closer to the Ashoka.

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