Chandragupta I – Maharajadhiraja Chandra Gupta 1 – First Prominent King of Gupta Empire – 319 AD – 335 AD

Maharajadhiraja Chandragupta I (Chandra Gupta 1) was the first prominent ruler of Gupta Empire. He was the son of Ghatotkatcha and Grandson of Maharaja Sri Gupta, founder of Gupta Dynasty. Chandragupta I took thrown in the year 319 AD and ruled till 335 AD. Both Sri Gupta and Ghatotkatcha were described as Maharaja (Great King) in the history. Chandragupta I is described as Maharajadhiraja (King of the Kings) because he conquered a vast territory. Puranas have described him as a king of Gupta family who ruled throughout the Gangetic Plains. The Janapadas under his rule were Awadha (Saketa), Magadha and Prayaga.

Chandragupta I (319 AD – 335 AD)

Marriage with Kumaradevi

Chandragupta I in order to improve the condition of his kingdom married Kumaradevi who was Lichavvi Princess. Lichavvi were ruling throughout Nepal and Northern Bihar region at that time.

Coin of Samudragupta with images of Chandragupta I and Kumaradevi

Coin of Samudragupta with images of Chandragupta I and Kumaradevi

Archaeological Evidence

There are many sites in the Gangetic Plain which have revealed evidence regarding Chandragupta I. After getting the position of Maharajadhiraja, Chandragupta I released gold coins showing image of Kumaradevi with him. Evidence are mainly collected from Prayag where Bhita site revealed information about Chandragupta I. Vaishali’s Samudragupta pillar also revealed information about Chandragupta I.

Evidences of Chandragupta I from Kuamaudi Mahostava

There is a character in Kaumadi Mahostava, Chandasena, who married a Licchavi Princess. Archaeologists argue that the character of Chandasena could be Chandragupta I due to striking similarities between the two. Literary texts obtained from Magadha like Kota-kula and inscrptions from Allahabad pillar of Samudragupta also reveal information about Chandragupta I.

It is belived that Chandragupta I stepped down from his throne in 335 AD and the kingdom was taken over by his son, Samudragupta Parakramanka.


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