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Mantra of Satisfaction - Live Life Slow and tothe Fullest..

Mantra of Satisfaction… Spea

It’s a widespread belief that “for high thinking you need to have a simple living”. I always used to ask myself “why high living with high thinking isn’t possible?” After scratching my head I came to a conclusion that probably it’s possible! Even a person with more than simple living […]

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Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu - Mother Teresa - Founder of Missionaries of Charity

Mantra of Happiness… The Joy of Giving… No one has ever become poor by giving…

It was my privilege to visit ‘Missionaries of Charity’ (Mother Teresa Ashram) in my city. I am not a Christian nor I have any links with Christianity but my first impression about the orphanage and the old age home was “Wow! How do they do it?” I believe in the […]

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