Harappa Civilization Town Planning and Dwell Houses

Indus Valley Civilization – Harappa and Mohenjo daro – 4000 BC – 1500 BC – Richness of Past – Pakistan and India

One of the oldest civilizations of the world evolved in and around what is known as Punjab (Pakistan), around 6000 BC. The first traces of civilization originated in Mehrgarh (6000 BC). Later two, more dominant, cities followed Mohenjo daro (mound of dead) and Harappa around. These cities cultured along the […]

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Muammar Gaddafi - Dictator of Libya

An Outlook on Libya – Muammar Gaddafi – Ex-Dictator of Libya

Muammar Gaddafi initial success was surely because of his anti American image which made him popular among the Libyan people, but no one could have possibly guessed that under his rule problems like corruption human rights violation, media censorship will reach their pinnacle! Human right violation: Freedom of speech, assembly, […]

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End of India - Pakistan War of 1971 - Surrender Treaty - 16 December 1971

India Pakistan War – 16 December 1971 – Also an exemplary planning of Sam Manekshaw

There were two important aspects about 1971 Bangladesh war Firstly it proves the discrimination factor were critically fatal, and resulted in division of East and West Pakistan Secondly, a good strategy is the most important thing in any war It was historical for India to fight a war and win […]

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