Ancient Indian History

Shalishuka Maurya - Successor of Samprati Maurya - 215 BC – 202 BC

Shalishuka Maurya – Successor of Samprati Maurya – Lesser Known Mauryan Ruler – 215 BC – 202 BC

Shalishuka Maurya 215 BCE – 202 BCE is often considered as the least favorite Mauryan ruler amongst the nine kings who ruled the Empire. Shalishuka was a patron of Jainism. Shalishuka Maurya ruled from 215 BCE to 202 BCE. In 206 BCE, Seleucid emperor Antiochus III the Great (222 – 187 […]

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Samprati Maurya - Grandson of Ashoka the Great - 224 BC - 215 BC

Samprati Maurya – A Prominent Jain Ruler of Maurya Dynasty – Son of Kunala – Grandson of Ashoka – 224 BC – 215 BC

Samprati was the second king to ascend the throne in the Mauryan Empire after Asoka (268 – 232 BCE). He succeeded the throne from Dashratha Maurya (232 – 224 BCE). Both Dashratha and Samprati were grandsons of Asoka. Samprati’s father, Kunala (263 BCE) was the one who should have succeeded […]

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Dasharatha Maurya - Successor of Ashoka Maurya 232 BC - 224 BC

Dasharatha Maurya – Successor of Ashoka, the Great – Cousin of Samprati – Decline of Maurya Dynasty 232 BC – 224 BC

Dasharatha Maurya or Dasaratha 232 BC – 224 BC succeeded the great Emperor Ashoka, the Great 268 BC – 232 BC, and presided over the throne from 232 BCE to 224 BCE. Dasharatha was Ashoka’s grandson and he was the last Mauryan ruler to have issued royal inscriptions. A lot […]

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Kumaragupta II - Successor and Brother of Purugupta - 473 AD - 476 AD

Kumaragupta II – Successor and Brother of Purugupta – 473 AD – 476 AD – Succeeded by Budhagupta

Kumaragupta II ruled the Gupta empire from 473 AD to 476 AD. He succeeded his brother Purugupta, and was succeeded by Budhagupta, after a very short time ruling the dynasty. We know that he succeeded Purugupta through an image. Kumaragupta II – Proofs of a Brief Rule The images Kumaragupta […]

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Purugupta Sculpture - 467 AD - 473 AD

Purugupta of Gupta Dynasty – Step Brother and Successor of Skandgupta – 467 AD – 473 AD

Purugupta 467 AD – 473 AD was the successor of Skandagupta, who was the son of Gupta King Kumaragupta I, and queen Anantadevi. Scripts tell us that Purugupta shared a father with his step-brother Skandagupta, they both had different mothers to each other. For a small period of time, both […]

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Skandagupta Sculpture - 455 AD - 467 AD

Skandagupta – Successor of Kumargupta I – Last Great Gupta Ruler – 455 AD – 467 AD

Skandagupta was the successor of Kumaragupta I and came to power in 455 AD. Scholars think that the time of his death, and end of ruler-ship, was around 467 AD. Skandagupta reigned around the half way mark of the Gupta dynasty’s rule, and there were many more Gupta rulers after […]

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Ramagupta - Successor of Samudragupta - Ruled India from 375 AD - 380 AD

Ramagupta – Successor of Samudragupta – Killed by Chandragupta Vikramaditya for Dhruvaswamini – 375 AD – 380 AD

Ramagupta succeed Samudragupta in 375 AD to become the fifth Gupta leader and ruler, of the Gupta Empire. Unlike previous Gupta kings, such as Ghatotkacha Gupta and Sri Gupta, there is a lot more historical evidence for this king, and his surrounding life, and ruler-ship. Ramagupta – Accession to Throne […]

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King Ghatotkacha Gupta Sculpture 280 AD - 319 AD

King Ghatotkacha Gupta – Second Ruler of Gupta Dynasty – Successor of Sri Gupta – Father of Chandragupta – 280 AD – 319 AD

King Ghatotkacha Gupta – Introduction King Ghatotkacha Gupta was the second ruler of the Gupta dynasty. He ruled from 280 AD – 319 AD. King Ghatotkacha, was a pre-imperial king of Northern India. He was the son of Maharaja Sri Gupta, the founder of Gupta Dynasty. Ghatotkacha managed to expand […]

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Mahinda - Son of King Ashoka - Buddhist Monk - Left Royal Life to spread Buddhism

Mahinda – Mahendra – The Buddhist Monk – Son of Ashoka and Devi – Spread Buddhism to Sri Lanka – b 287 BC

The third century BC in Indian history witnessed growth of Buddhism and enormous cultural changes in Indian society. The great Indian Emperor Ashoka and his family came under the Buddhist fold and patronised the new found religion while embracing it at different stages of their lives. Ashoka had a strong […]

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Sanghamitra - Daughter of King Ashoka - A Buddhist Monk - 285 BC

Sanghamitra – Sangamitta – Daughter of King Ashoka and Maharani Devi – Buddhist Monk – b. 285 BC

The contribution of Mauryan Dynasty was remarkable in the arena of Art, Cultural and Socio-Religious revolutions in the post Buddha period. Some of these rulers who were liberal in their early life toward religion embraced Buddhism along with their kith and kin. Sanghamitra – Birth and Leagacy The second daughter […]

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