Ancient Indian History

Tishyaraksha died 238 BC, youngest and the last wife of Emperor Ashoka, also referred to as Tishyarakshita, Tissarakka and Tissarakbha

Tishyaraksha – Fifth and the last Queen of Ashoka – Interested in Prince Kunala – Death 238 BC

Maurya King Ashoka wives were religious, pious and well-wishers of Maurya Empire. However, his last and fifth wife Tishyaraksha is rather infamous in Maurya History for her ill deeds and cunning nature that led to the downfall of the greatest kingdom in Indian history.  Tishyaraksha is described as a destitute […]

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Asandhimitra - Most Beloved and Fourth Wife of Emperor Ashoka - 286 BC - 238 BC

Asandhimitra – Most Beloved and Fourth Wife of Emperor Ashoka – 286 BC – 238 BC

Mauryan Emperor Ashoka had married five women from various walks of life. However, he did not place all of them equally in his heart or in his imperial palace. Out of all his wives, Ashoka is said to have shared a deep bond with Devi who was his first wife […]

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Queen Padmavati - or Padmini - Wife of King Ashoka - Mother of Kunala - 266 AD

Queen Padmavati or Padmini – Third Wife of Emperor Ashoka – Mother of Kunala – Married to Ashoka 266 BC

Queen Padmavati name might have been lost in the pages of Mauryan history but her contribution to the aggressive dynasty which ruled the Indian soil from 322 to 185 BC is noteworthy. Queen Padmavati is best known as Emperor Ashoka’s third wife and the birth mother of Kunala who was assumed to […]

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Shatadhanvan Maurya - Later Mauryan Rulers- Around 190 BC

Shatadhanvan Maurya – Second Last ruler of the Great Maurya Dynasty – Successor of Devavarman Maurya – Succeeded by Brihadratha Maurya

Shatadhanvan Maurya was the second last ruler of the Mauryan Dynasty. He ruled the empire for only eight years, from 195 BCE to 187 BCE. His predecessor, Devavarman Maurya 202 – 195 BC, had also ruled for 8 years. Shatadhanvan ascended the throne while the Mauryan Dynasty was under immense […]

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Vasishtiputra Satakarni - Successor of Vasishtiputra Sri Pulumavi - Succeeded by Shivaskanda Satakarni - Later Rulers of Satavahana Dyansty - 158 AD - 165 AD

Vasishtiputra Satakarni – Successor of Vasishtiputra Sri Pulumavi – Shivaskanda Satakarni – Succeeded by Later Rulers of Satavahana Dyansty – 158 AD – 165 AD

Vasishtiputra Satakarni is one of the kings in later Satavahana Empire who ruled the Deccan soil for about 7 years. Vasishtiputra Satakarni belonged to an era of weakened Satavahana power when Saka and Kushana were eying the Deccan region by waging wars. The glorious period of powerful Satavahanas saw a […]

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Vasishthiputra Pulumavi - Successor of Gautamiputra Satakarni - 78 AD - 159 AD

Vasishthiputra Pulumavi – Successor of Gautamiputra Satakarni – Succeeded by Vasishthiputra Satakarni – 61 AD – 159 AD

Vasishthiputra Pulumavi is one of the later Satavahana Kings who took over the Kingdom after his illustrious father Gautamiputra Satakarni. Vasishthiputra Pulumavi was supposedly born around 61 AD  Pulumavi’s exact period is unclear but he is said to have ruled the Deccan region in 2 century CE, around 130 AD […]

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Satakarni - Ruler of Satavahan Dynasty - 145 BC

Satakarni Satavahana – Ruler of Satavahana Dynasty – Successor of Kanha – Son of Simuka – Succeeded by Sivasvati 211 BC – 131 BC

Satakarni Satavahana was the third Satavahana Monarch who succeeded Kanha of Satavahana lineage. Historians have gathered historical details about Satakarni Satavahana from Puranic references, excavated coins and inscriptions. Satakarni Satavahana’s exact period is quite debated in Indian history. Some historians believe that he ruled the Deccan area in 187 BC […]

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Kanha Satavahana - Successor of Simuka Satavahana - 180 BC

Kanha Satavahana – Younger Brother of Simuka Satavahana – Succeeded By Satakarani – Rule – 198 BC – 180 BC

Kanha Satavahana was the successor and younger brother of Simuka and ruled the Satavahana Dynasty from 198 BC -180 BC. He may have betrayed his elder brother Simuka for the accession to the thrown. Kanha Satavahana was succeeded by Satakarni. There are many heroic figures in Satavahana Dynasty who ruled […]

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Map of Satavahana Dynasty Under Simuka - Founder - 230 BC

Simuka Satavahana – Founder of Satavahana Dynasty of Southern India – Succeeded by Brother Kanha Satavahana – 296 BC – 230 BC

Simuka Satavahana was the founder of the Great Satavahana Dynasty around 271 BC. Satavahana Dynasty was the first South Indian Dynasty to have ruled over most of India under the leadership of Great Gautamiputra Satakarni. Simuka Satavahana was a Jain Emperor.   As they say ‘Someone’s loss is someone’s gain’ […]

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Devavarman Maurya 202 BC - 195 BC Successor of Shalishuka Maurya - Second Last Maurya Ruler

Devavarman Maurya – Successor of Shalishuka Maurya – Grandson of Samprati Maurya – 202 BC – 195 BC

Devavarman Maurya 202 BC – 195 BC was one of the few last rulers of the Mauryan Dynasty. Devavarman Maurya ascended the throne from Shalishuka Maurya 215 BC – 202 BC and ruled for a period of seven years. He was the grandson of Samprati Maurya and was a patron […]

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