Mauryan Dynasty

Suryagupta Maurya - Father of Chandragupta Maurya - 366 BCE - 340 BCE

Suryagupta Maurya – Father of Chandragupta Maurya – Pre Mauryan Ruler – Assassinated By Mahapadma Nanda – 366 BCE – 340 BCE

Maurya Empire is no doubt the most formidable dynasties that ruled many parts of world. However, when it comes to origins of Maurya Empire, our history has very little facts and more often than not it is difficult to separate facts from fiction. Suryagupta Maurya was the father of the […]

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Mura Maurya (or Moora Maurya) - Mother of Chandragupta Maurya - 358 BCE - 284 BCE

Mura Maurya – Mother of Chandragupta Maurya – Mahamaha Rani of Maurya Dynasty – 358 BC – 284 BC

The land of Magadha of Indo-Gangetic plain witnessed one of the best Kingdoms that ruled most part of the India and surrounding areas. Maurya Empire founded by the great Chandragupta Maurya with humble beginnings. Mura or Moora Maurya who was married to Suryagupta Maurya and gave birth to the ambitious […]

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Malayaketu - King of Punjab after Porus 315 BC - 299 BC

Malayaketu – Successor of Porus of Punjab – Regained Punjab from Eudemus – Overthrown Dhananada – 315 BC – 299 BC

Malayaketu is considered as the ruler of Punjab from 315 BC – 299 BC. Malayaketu played a crucial role along with Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya to overthrow the Nanda Dynasty of Magadha. Malayaketu is also known for a number of wars with Yavanas or Indo-Greeks who constantly raided the Punjab […]

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Tishyaraksha died 238 BC, youngest and the last wife of Emperor Ashoka, also referred to as Tishyarakshita, Tissarakka and Tissarakbha

Tishyaraksha – Fifth and the last Queen of Ashoka – Interested in Prince Kunala – Death 238 BC

Maurya King Ashoka wives were religious, pious and well-wishers of Maurya Empire. However, his last and fifth wife Tishyaraksha is rather infamous in Maurya History for her ill deeds and cunning nature that led to the downfall of the greatest kingdom in Indian history.  Tishyaraksha is described as a destitute […]

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Asandhimitra - Most Beloved and Fourth Wife of Emperor Ashoka - 286 BC - 238 BC

Asandhimitra – Most Beloved and Fourth Wife of Emperor Ashoka – 286 BC – 238 BC

Mauryan Emperor Ashoka had married five women from various walks of life. However, he did not place all of them equally in his heart or in his imperial palace. Out of all his wives, Ashoka is said to have shared a deep bond with Devi who was his first wife […]

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Queen Padmavati - or Padmini - Wife of King Ashoka - Mother of Kunala - 266 AD

Queen Padmavati or Padmini – Third Wife of Emperor Ashoka – Mother of Kunala – Married to Ashoka 266 BC

Queen Padmavati name might have been lost in the pages of Mauryan history but her contribution to the aggressive dynasty which ruled the Indian soil from 322 to 185 BC is noteworthy. Queen Padmavati is best known as Emperor Ashoka’s third wife and the birth mother of Kunala who was assumed to […]

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Shatadhanvan Maurya - Later Mauryan Rulers- Around 190 BC

Shatadhanvan Maurya – Second Last ruler of the Great Maurya Dynasty – Successor of Devavarman Maurya – Succeeded by Brihadratha Maurya

Shatadhanvan Maurya was the second last ruler of the Mauryan Dynasty. He ruled the empire for only eight years, from 195 BCE to 187 BCE. His predecessor, Devavarman Maurya 202 – 195 BC, had also ruled for 8 years. Shatadhanvan ascended the throne while the Mauryan Dynasty was under immense […]

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Devavarman Maurya 202 BC - 195 BC Successor of Shalishuka Maurya - Second Last Maurya Ruler

Devavarman Maurya – Successor of Shalishuka Maurya – Grandson of Samprati Maurya – 202 BC – 195 BC

Devavarman Maurya 202 BC – 195 BC was one of the few last rulers of the Mauryan Dynasty. Devavarman Maurya ascended the throne from Shalishuka Maurya 215 BC – 202 BC and ruled for a period of seven years. He was the grandson of Samprati Maurya and was a patron […]

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Shalishuka Maurya - Successor of Samprati Maurya - 215 BC – 202 BC

Shalishuka Maurya – Successor of Samprati Maurya – Lesser Known Mauryan Ruler – 215 BC – 202 BC

Shalishuka Maurya 215 BCE – 202 BCE is often considered as the least favorite Mauryan ruler amongst the nine kings who ruled the Empire. Shalishuka was a patron of Jainism. Shalishuka Maurya ruled from 215 BCE to 202 BCE. In 206 BCE, Seleucid emperor Antiochus III the Great (222 – 187 […]

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Samprati Maurya - Grandson of Ashoka the Great - 224 BC - 215 BC

Samprati Maurya – A Prominent Jain Ruler of Maurya Dynasty – Son of Kunala – Grandson of Ashoka – 224 BC – 215 BC

Samprati was the second king to ascend the throne in the Mauryan Empire after Asoka (268 – 232 BCE). He succeeded the throne from Dashratha Maurya (232 – 224 BCE). Both Dashratha and Samprati were grandsons of Asoka. Samprati’s father, Kunala (263 BCE) was the one who should have succeeded […]

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