Historical Wars

Anglo – Powhatan Wars – Battles between English and Powhatan – 1609 – 1646

Anglo – Powhatan Wars – Battles between English and Powhatan – 1609 – 1646

The Anglo – Powhatan Wars were a series of battles fought between the Native and the Colonists. The major reason for the war was expansion done by the colonists and the retaliation by the natives. There were mainly three battles fought between English and Powhatan. First between the years 1609 to 1614, Second between […]

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Pequot War 1637 - Battle between Native Americans and English - 1634 AD - 1638 AD

Pequot War 1637 – Battle between Native Americans and English – 1634 AD – 1638 AD

The Pequot War was fought between the years 1634 to 1638 in New England (the East Coast of US). The war was fought between Pequot Tribe of New England and the English People of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, and Saybrook colonies. The English people were also supported by the enemy tribe […]

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Native Americans bringing Beaver to European Traders

Beaver Wars – French and Iroquois Wars – 1640 – 1701 AD

Beaver Wars – French and Iroquois Wars – 1640 – 1701 AD The French and Iroquois Wars were series of battles fought between the strongest Native American tribe Iroquois and the French colonial power. The wars were mainly fought in the North Eastern America, near the present day Great Lake […]

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Anglo Dutch War - Ships Buring during the War

Anglo-Dutch Wars – Battle for Supremacy over America – 1652 AD – 1784 AD

The British and Dutch fought four battles in order to establish their supremacy over trade routes of North Atlantic. These wars were fought between 1652 AD to 1784 AD. Almost ten thousand Dutch and thirteen thousand English soldiers were killed in the battle for supremacy. England ultimately came out victorious […]

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Sino Indian War of 1962 Map

India – China War of 1962 – Sino Indian War of 1962 – Map and Information

History before Sino-Indian War India got its independence from British Rule in 1947. In 1949 Chinese Revolution took place and First Communist Government of China was established. India was the first nation to officially recognize the communist government of China. Both the nations had many cultural and social links and […]

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Kashmir Crisis - A Kashmiri woman cries while demonstration in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Solutions for Kashmir Problem

In 1947 First War of Kashmir took place: India took regions including Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. Jammu is Hindu majority region (66% Hindu) , Kashmir valley is Muslim majority region (95% Muslim) and Ladakh is Buddhist majority region (50% Buddhist). Pakistan took Northern Areas (Gilgit Region) and Azad Kashmir […]

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Kashmir Map - India Pakistan War 1965

Second Kashmir War – Reasons for Indo-Pak War 1965

After first war of Kashmir in 1947 India got majority of Kashmir including fertile valley regions. The scrubland and sparsely populated region was acquired by Pakistan. Pakistani government in order to acquire complete control over Kashmir executed operation Gibraltar in August 1965… Main reasons for the war: Pakistan wanted Kashmir […]

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First War of Kashmir - Map and Outcome - 1947 AD

First Kashmir War – Reasons for India – Pakistan War 1947

India Pakistan War 1947 is also called first Kashmir War. The war took place due to various historical and socio-political reasons. Background of War India and Pakistan got independence from Britain in august 1947. Along with them about 600 Princely States were also given Independence. These princely states either joined India or […]

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End of India - Pakistan War of 1971 - Surrender Treaty - 16 December 1971

India Pakistan War – 16 December 1971 – Also an exemplary planning of Sam Manekshaw

There were two important aspects about 1971 Bangladesh war Firstly it proves the discrimination factor were critically fatal, and resulted in division of East and West Pakistan Secondly, a good strategy is the most important thing in any war It was historical for India to fight a war and win […]

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