American History

The Massachusetts Government Act - May 20 - 1774 - American Revolution Was On Its Way

The Massachusetts Government Act – May 20 – 1774 – A Spark that Started American Revolution

The Massachusetts Government Act – Background of the Act After the Boston Tea Party in December 1773, the relationship between the colonists of Massachusetts and the British government fundamentally changed. Until this act of rebellion, the colonists in Massachusetts had had relative freedom in regards to being self-governing. However, the […]

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Boston Port Act - 1 June 1774 - Ships were not allowed to enter the Boston Port

Boston Port Act – One of the Intolerable Acts – Blocking of Boston Port – Uniting of American States – 01 June 1774

Boston Port Act – Background Boston was held responsible for the Boston Tea Party which made Britain’s economy and the East India Trading Company suffer due to loss of goods. Some tried to blame the incident on Native Indians, but neither the East India Trading Company nor Britain was fooled […]

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Qubec Act of March 1774 - Catholics to hold Government Offices

Quebec Act – 31st March 1774 – One of the Intolerable Acts – Expansion of Quebec at Cost of American Freedom

The Quebec province was controlled by Britain during the time of the American Revolution. In 1774, England’s parliament passed the Quebec Act. The Quebec Act allowed several things all which annoyed the American colonists. Four previous acts passed by parliament had been passed in direct result of the Boston Tea […]

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Dunmore's War of 1774

Lord Dunmore’s War – War between Indian Americans and White Americans – May – October -1774

Fighting between the colonists and American Indians had been going on since the white man landed on the Americas, and before the fighting between the white Americans and the Native Americans began, fighting was happening between the Indian tribes over hunting grounds. So fighting had begun long before Dunmore’s War […]

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Boston Tea Party - 16 December 1773 - Sons of Liberty, dressed as Indians

Boston Tea Party – December 16 – 1773 – Ruining of British Tea at Boston Port

The Boston Tea Party was in objection to all the taxes, most recently was the Tea Act, which Britain had implemented on the colonists. The colonists had had enough of the heavy taxation and enough of the acts passed by Britain and enforced by her soldiers. The colonists felt that […]

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Tea Act - May 1773

Tea Act – May 10, 1773 – The British Act over the American Colonist

The Tea Act was administered in 1773, during the time that Great Britain was in control of colonial America, and was only one of several acts that was forced upon the American colonists. Britain had placed high taxes on some everyday items making life difficult for the colonist. Life was […]

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The Administration of Justice Act 1774 - May 20, 1774 - Town Meeting

The Administration of Justice Act 1774 – May 20, 1774 – The Least Known of Intolerable Act

The Administration of Justice Act 1774 – Background of Intolerable Act The early 1770’s in America was a time of escalating tension between colonists and the British government. The British had begun creating a series of laws that were designed to crush any anti-British sentiment in the colonies, and remind colonists […]

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United States Flag Day - 14th June

Flag Day – United States of America – Celebrated on 14th of June – History and Observance

In the United States, Flag Day is praised on June 14. It celebrates the appropriation of the flag of the United States, which happened on that day in 1777 by determination of the Second Continental Congress. The United States Army additionally commends the Army Birthday on this date; Congress received […]

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Boston Massacre - First War of American Independence, 1770

Boston Massacre Incident – King Street March 5, 1770

Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770. In the incidence five civilians were killed by the British Soldiers. This event is also called “Incident on King Street” by the British. It raised a lot of  tension among the thirteen colonies of America and gave rise to American Revolutionary War. Townshend Acts – Boston […]

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Jean Jacques Rousseau - Swiss-French Philosopher - 1712 - 1788

Rousseau – Jean Jacques Rousseau – Philosophy of Rousseau – 28 June 1712 – 2 July 1778

Jean Jacques Rousseau was a French Philosopher and his ideas were as interesting as his life. His mother died during his birth. He was raised by his father who always neglected him. He was not educated or given any job. He was a wanderer who faced a lot of struggle between […]

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