Central American History

Tenochtitlan - Capital City Of Aztec Empire

The Aztec Kingdom – Rulers of Pre Colombian America 1200 AD – 1500 AD

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The Aztecs originally belonged to lake Texcoco. In 1200 AD they started expanding their empire and till 1500AD they ruled throughout the central and southern Mexico. They used to speak Nahuatl Language. At it’s peak time Aztecs were known for their rich religious and cultural heritage. They achieved huge success […]

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Tikal Temple of Maya Culture

The Maya Civilization – The Americans who Flourished for 700 years and more… 250 AD – 900 AD

The Maya was one of the highest developed civilizations of its time. It flourished from 250AD to 900AD near the Yucatan peninsula which include present day South Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Maya were primarily farmers and used to grow crops like Cotton, corn and squash. Maya were […]

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Olmec Pyramids around 1000 years BC

The Olmec – First American Civilization – 1500 BC – 400 BC

The Olmec civilization was America’s first civilization and developed in Mesoamerica, which is present day Mexico and some other parts of Central America. They lived during 1500 to 400 BC. These people were basically farmers and their principal crop was corn. Major cities in their civilization were Tres Zapotes, La Venta and San Lorenzo. […]

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