Blood Diamond (2006) – A Generic Review

Diamonds, as we know, are girls’ best friend. But ladies as well as gentlemen after watching the movie “Blood diamond” it really made me think that the diamond ring which every men give to his wife or fiancé as a gift, that is worth three months of his salary, are they really worth it?

Anyways the whole movie revolves around a place named Sierra Leone that is in Africa, where the uncut diamonds are smuggled by the terrorist to India and then the diamonds are send to developed nations and sold out. Though the process of sending uncut diamond to various nations seemed to be easy but it is not. The terrorist in the region of Africa first try to capture a small village by looting and killing the people of the villages. The person who are not physically fit are killed and the boys who are of age between 10 to 15 are kidnapped and their brains are washed by giving drugs and they are made to kill innocent people for so called ‘the sake of the nation’ and so on and so forth. The physically fit adults are forced to work for terrorists, to search for an uncut diamonds in various places. Those who are unable to work for any reason are shot dead.

Blood Diamond Review - 2006

Blood Diamond Review – 2006

‘The movie has shown how life of a normal boy changes when his whole family is killed by terrorist and he is brought up by them then his whole life moves on between the guns, bullets and bloods. Slowly steadily he grows up to be one of them and completely forgets his past life.’

To avoid this smuggling, so that no more lives  are at stake, In January 2003, 40 nations signed “The Kimberley process” to stop the smuggling of ‘Blood Diamond’ to the Developed Nations…

There are still 200,000 child soldiers in Africa. So please before you buy a diamond check whether seller has agreed to Kimberley process or not because a small effort could make a better world to live in.

My Ratings:

Acting: **1/2

Direction: ***

Story: *****

Overall: ***1/2.

Imdb has rated the movie: 8.0/10

So it is must watch movie. Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou are in lead roles. The movie is directed by Edward Zwick.

Ratings: *(Avoid), **(Ok), ***(Must Watch), ****(Eureka), *****(To die for).



  1. A very good movie, well deserved a review like this one!
    Brought tears to my eyes when I first saw this… Pity on those who are made to work so hard for our luxuries…

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