Bappa Rawal – Founder of Mewar Dynasty – Winner of Battle of Rajasthan – 713 AD – 753 AD

Bappa Rawal was the 8th ruler of the Dynasty of Guhilot Rajput after his father Rawal Mahendra-II. He was also the founder of the Dynasty of Mewar (Rajasthan, India). Bappa Rawal is considered as the descendent of the great king Maharaja Yashodharman, who, in 528 AD, earned glory by defeating Huna King Mihirakula.

Bappa Rawal was born in the year of 713 AD in Eklingji, Mewar and died in the year of 753 AD at the same place. He ruled for 19 years from 734 AD to 753 AD. His actual name was Prince Kalbhoj.

Bappa Rawal - Founder of Mewar Dynasty - Winner of Battle of Rajasthan - 713 AD - 753 AD

Bappa Rawal – Founder of Mewar Dynasty – Winner of Battle of Rajasthan – 713 AD – 753 AD

Bappa Rawal – The Foundation of Mewar Dynasty

Bappa Rawal spent his whole childhood in Nagda. Though Bappa Rawal ruled Mewar for a very limited period of time, he is considered as one of the most famous and powerful ruler of Mewar Dynasty. He was the last survivor of the Guhilot Clan and was the successor of the throne by default. He renamed the Guhilot Clan to Mewar Dynasty.

Bappa Rawal and The Battle of Rajasthan – 738 AD

Bappa Rawal was an excellent warrior and that made him a legend in the Indian History. He played a vital role in the “Battle of Rajasthan” in 738 AD which took place between the Arabs of Sindh and the rulers of the North-Western part of India. Also when the Arabs started attacking India, Bappa Rawal succeeded to stop their attack by uniting smaller states of Jaisalmer and Ajmer. Gradually, he defeated the Arabs on every portion of western frontier of India. Bappa Rawal also defeated Bin Qasim, who earlier defeated the Dahir in Sindh.

Last few years of Bappa Rawal

Bappa Rawal was a devoted fellow of Harit Rishi who was a sage of Mewar and hence, he was always under the blessings of this sage. After ruling the kingdom for 19 years, he simply abdicated the throne of Mewar in the favour of his son and he became a devotee to Lord Shiva. Gradually, he became a “Yati” (an ascetic) who can control his own passions and greed. Bappa Rawal died in 753 AD.

Written by: Rupak Som


  1. ghanshyam Bais says:

    I am very proud of shri bappa rawal

  2. Yash Singh Rawal says:

    i feel so proud of my ancestors that i have their blood running in ny veins and what they have done for the country

  3. Rawal tanveer hussain saagar says:

    i really proud of Bappa Rawal

  4. Great Hindu King!!

  5. Arjun r pratab says:

    Feels very proud of my ancestors ….Who fight for us , for our rights , culture & for bharat bhumi. ….Jay bappa rawal maharaj. …Jay rajputana. ……..Jay Sri ram

  6. One of the greatest warriors of Indian History. Bappa Rawal defeated the Arabs and chased them all the way to Iran. It’s unfortunate that there’s no book on him. Giving details of his life and the battles he fought. People in India need to know more about their brave warrior Kings like Rana Kumbha, Rana Sangha, Bappa Rawal and so many others. India has produced writers but not a single writer who will tell us the stories of these Brave Hearts.

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