Balaji Baji Rao (Nana Saheb) – Son of Bajirao Peshwa I and Kashibai – 8 December 1720 – 23 June 1761

Balaji Baji Rao – Nana Saheb – Family History 

Nana Saheb was born to the Peshwa family, to Peshwa Bajirao I and Kashibai on 8 December in 1720. Balaji Bajirao was the eldest son of Bajirao I. Chhatrapathi Shahu, the Maratha Emperor appointed 19-year old Balaji Bajirao as the Peshwa in August 1740, after the death of his father on April 1740 even after huge opposition. He was married to Gopikabai under his grandmother influence who was impressed by Gopikabai’s orthodox family rituals. Nana Saheb and Gopikabai had three sons, Vishwasrao, Madhavrao, and Narayanrao.

Balaji Bajirao – Nana Saheb – Son of Peshwa Bajirao and Radhabai

Balaji Baji Rao – Nana Saheb – An Expedition to North India

 With his uncle Chimaji Appa he left for Malwa, but Chimaji had to return from the way due to his ill-health and died at Poona on 27th December, 1740. Balaji Bajirao held a conference with Jai Singh of Jaipur on May 1741 and resulted in a friendly agreement that the governorship of Malwa should be secured for the Peshwa within six months. After this diplomatic success, Nana Saheb returned to Poona on 17th July.  Nana Saheb or Balaji Bajirao became the deputy of the crown prince Ahmad and the master of Malwa in name as well as in fact. The province had been in Maratha possession since November 1738.

Map of Maratha Empire under Nana Saheb – Balaji Bajirao 1761 AD

Balaji Baji RaoNana Saheb – Revolt with Umabhai and Tarabai

Tarabai met Umabhai Dabhade for a revolt against Peshwa. Umabhai helped Tarabai by sending a total of 15000 troops against Peshwa. Even though Tarabai was grossly defeated by Peshwa. Umabhai held grudge against Peshwa for killing her son. In May 1751, the Peshwa arrested Damaji Gaekwad, Umabhai and Yashwant Rao.

Balaji Baji RaoNana Saheb – Acquisition of Orissa

Raghuji Bhonsle dispatched powerful army to control of the province of Orissa with twelve lakhs of rupees annually as the chauth for Bengal and Bihar (1751).

Balaji Baji RaoNana Saheb – Lost in battle of Panipat and death

 In January 1761 third battle of Panipat, the Marathas lost the battle with huge damages. Balaji Bajirao had lost his son, Vishwasrao, in the third battle of Panipat and died soon after the Battle due to the wounds inflicted on 23rd of June, 1761.

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