Arctic Small Tool Tradition – One Of The Last Archaic Traditions – 2500 BC

The Arctic Small Tool Tradition is one of the last Archaic Traditions established in the Northernmost region of America. It is believed that this culture developed around 2500 BC in the Alaskan peninsula. The archeological diggings have revealed that this culture developed in present day eastern shores of Bering Strait and near the Bristol Bay and Chukchi Sea coasts.

The Late Archaic Colonies

Its margins even reached till Greenland in the east. These people are primarily known for developing bow and arrow in the arctic region and creating one of the first Microbalde tools and sharp spears in the region. These people also developed one of the finest blades and scrapers of their time. They developed all these items from bones.


It is believed that these people migrated from Siberia and were the first people who introduced bow and arrow in America. This helped a lot in land hunting especially of caribou. The tools were known for their accuracy and speed. These people also developed a whole new system of water hunting.

The Archaic Hunters Using Bow and Arrows

They used to hunt primarily seal and salmon fishes. This is evident by the fact that many of their spears are found near the water body which are rich in Salmon fishes. There are further evidences that these people had relation with early Paleo Indians as there is striking similarity found between the stone technologies of both the cultures.


These people also used to build great houses or campsites. They also built sod-roofed homes. They used to cover their tent with ring of boulders and circular dwellings. There are evidences which suggest that these people even established a system of centrally heating their houses by using charcoal. This was also used to cook food.


These people are the considered to be the earliest ancestors of present day Eskimo in Alaska. They are also called Pre-Dorset. Dorset was a very significant culture that developed after it. Inupiat and Yupik people living in Alaska have links with these people which were established by correlating their stone technology.

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