A Mice Race…

It’s been a while since I read a famous novel “Five Point Someone”, one of the best I’ve ever read. It was about three less than mediocre college going engineering student. It was about how those less than mediocre students believed in themselves, kept their spirits high and finally converted their loser student life into a more than average career.

Life is not a RACE

Life is not a RACE

One of the terms used in the novel by one of these three students was life as a “Mice Race” and honestly, after reading that chapter you’ve got to think about it “is my life a Mice Race too?”, Am I also running after something but don’t know what that thing is…?

In the part of the world that I am living in every child is made to work hard and become a doctor or engineer, a lawyer or a chartered accountant. There is no room for failure. The population of my country is amongst the highest in the world the competition level is literally cut throat! The situation can easily be realized by comparing it to a bunch of mouse running after a same piece of Cheese. Only one of the lucky mice will get that piece of cheese and the other entire mouse will be starved and left to die without food.

Is this “Mice Race” necessary?

In the novel the student who used the term considers it completely futile (I wonder he was right…) the story of that novel gives a simple message that even less than mediocre person can succeed in life. So there’s no point in losing heart. The only thing required in life is determination. If you have a goal in life, and your persistent to achieve it you don’t really need to indulge in the “Mice Race”.

And of course, if you are a mouse, and you are unable to achieve that piece of cheese you don’t have to be starving without food. Just look around! You’ll find plenty better things that piece of cheese you can have fresh fruits, milk, Turkey etc.


The best thing about Mice Race is if you win you get cheese and if you lose you get the turkey. The choice is yours…winners or losers, either ways you get something which is worth the race.

What do you think about it?


  1. Deep Raj Rai says:

    Good thought and quiet realistic.

  2. nice realistic thought

  3. Thanks Deep! 🙂
    Thanks Shruti!

    So are you two running in a mice race or you don’t believe in that!!??

  4. Shubhanshu Jain says:

    Optimistic .. with a worldly wise sense !

  5. nicely written…the mice race always results in dissatisfaction…u r true

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