500 Days of Summer – Summer was so close yet so far…

Tom, a young man who has was born and bought up listening the old British Rock music almost started believing in love until he meets the girl of his dreams, Summer.


It took him long, but better late than never that he realized that his assumptions about love, the ones that he derived from the British Music weren’t so true in real life and rather shattered and frustrated he loses his dream-girl and understands that it was just a one-sided love affair.


Dazzled and Shattered, this movie very well depicts the lost love situation of this lost lover.

500 Days of Summer Poster - A Review at ensyklopedia

500 Days of Summer Poster – A Review at ensyklopedia

The story is a must watch for all those who believe in love and also for all those who don’t… 😉

Different conclusions for different people, I loved it a LOT!

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